The Best Way To Store Fabric Scraps

Though not many people will use up scraps of fabric they can be used for so many different objects. Though having a tidy sewing room can be very important to make life easier. That is why I decided to give you plenty of ideas on the best way to store fabric scraps.

There is no shame in saving fabric scraps, you paid for the fabric so you might as well get as much as you can from it. There is also plenty of other good reasons for making the most of your fabric scraps.

What Can I Make With Fabric Scraps?

There are so many things you can make with fabric scraps. From larger projects such as bags and homewares to smaller things such as shapes for patchwork. Here is a rough example of what you can use fabric scraps for:

  • Hexagon patchwork pieces
  • A variety of applique
  • Rag Rug
  • Fabric bowl
  • Bias Binding
  • Pencil Case
  • Fabric Flowers
  • Glasses Case
  • Hair bows

Should I Keep Fabric Scraps?

Keeping fabrics is totally up to you. If you don’t plan to use them or know you won’t use them for your own projects there isn’t much point to keeping them.

You can, however, store them up and donate them to places that recycle fabric scraps, donate them through the Facebook marketplace or to a local craft store.

There are many crafters that would really love to have a bag of scraps that they can use in their own projects. It completely comes down to what you want to make and whether you would use them.

Ways To Maximise Your Fabric Scraps

Sometimes there are some scraps you really aren’t sure are worth keeping. Other pieces are too big to throw away but too small to make anything substantial out of.

These are some top ways you can make the most of your fabric scraps and even create new and fun projects.

Cut Into Shapes

One of the best things you can do with fabric scraps is cut them into shapes. For me personally, I would use the scraps for applique and patchwork so cutting them into shapes is the best use of the fabric scraps.

These can be making them square, hexagon or even into shapes you might use. This personally is one of the best way to store fabric scraps.

I made a hexagon quilt for my mother in law one Christmas and used all my little scraps to make the shapes. This was really helpful as I was able to save money and use up all my little scraps.

Cut Up Into Strips

This is mostly if you plan to use the strips for binding tape, to wrap around piping or to make a rag rug. There are a number of ways you can use fabric strips in projects.

This is most helpful if you have any really scrappy pieces that really can’t make much. These strips can go into making different projects.

Create A Project To Use Them

One of the things I seem to love doing is making a project with my scraps in mind. Things like pyramid pattern weights, fabric bowls or using them for applique.

I sometimes use fabric and I love the print so much I want to use it for everything, so when I have scraps I look at what I have left and make something else from it.

You can do this and have a little list of what you want to make and when you come across the perfect fabric or a piece you can use that fits the size you can make it. Keep the list pinned on a board or in a journal for safekeeping.

You could also make a note with the project of roughly what size of fabric you need and the colourway you want for it.

The Best Way To Store Fabric Scraps

By Colour

This is probably one of the easiest ways to store fabric scraps. This is also really handy if you plan to make something that relies on the same colours. It can be a great way to store fabric scraps as it looks pretty and easy to organise.

I find this way of storing fabric scraps really fun, useful and attractive. This is one of the best way to store fabric scraps as you can find the colour and piece you know you have fast and easily.

In A Jar

If like me you plan to use up your fabric scraps regularly you might not want to store them anywhere too permanent.

I often use an empty jar to store fabric scraps if they are smaller amounts.

In A Box/Basket

If I have scraps that are a little larger and can be folded into a neat square I will do. I will iron them out and fold them into a neat square and store them in a basket.

I also use this technique for my fat quarters and a similar size piece of fabric.

In A Bag

To make your sewing room look a little tidier but also giving you a practical layout, using a bag may be easier. If you are saving scraps from your current project you can use a bag to store them in until you have enough or a full bag for a project.

This is also great if you plan to donate them as then you don’t spend sewing time on storing scraps if you aren’t keeping them for yourself.

Keep Sizes Together

I have a general system in place for storing my fabrics. I use smaller baskets for smaller pieces and fat quarters, a larger basket for large pieces of fabric.

I find this easy to work with as I can easily look through my large pieces of fabrics to see what I have for certain projects. Such as clothing which needs large pieces of fabrics

You can use this same technique for fabric scraps. Storing similar size pieces together in baskets, jars or in bags. You can

That is everything on the best way to store fabric scraps. If you use fabric scraps I would love to know what you make. If you keep your own fabric scraps, let me know how you store them.