What Are Indie Sewing Patterns

Are you looking to branch out and try some new sewing patterns? There are sewing patterns that are ‘ indie sewing patterns’ which are alternative options than using the larger brands on the market.

Indie sewing patterns are sewing patterns that have been made and designed by individual people or smaller companies. These are often found to be sold on Etsy and smaller websites and are not part of the larger brands such as Simplicity or Vogue.

Indie sewing patterns can be a great place to shop if you are looking to make clothes that fit better to your shape and size. It is also a brilliant use of finding new patterns and styles that might be better suited to you.

What Are Indie Sewing Patterns?

Indie sewing patterns are sewing patterns that have been designed and created by individual people, smaller companies and websites. These are patterns that are not as widely sold or can’t be found in major stores.

These sewing patterns are still highly popular and can often be included in sewing magazines, online or in print. The best part of the indie sewing patterns is that you can find them online and download them and print them in your own home.

You can often find them for free or at a cheaper rate than the premium brands sold in stores.

Where can I Buy Indie Sewing Patterns?

There are so many places you can find indie sewing patterns, one of the most popular places is on websites, blogs, etsy and sewing magazines.

You can find printed patterns in sewing magazines, on etsy that are posted to you or on blogs for

15 Places To Find Indie Sewing Patterns

I love using independent sewing patterns as they are easier to get hold of, can often be more up to date with sizing and even closer to the latest styles in fashion.

They all work very similar to the standard sewing patterns you can find from McCalls, Vogue and Simplicity. Each pattern will come with a size guide, instructions and fabric suggestions.

1. Tilly And The Buttons

Tilly And The Buttons is a UK based pattern creator, blogger and seamstress. Once appeared on BBC2’s Great British Sewing Bee and has since released a number of successful sewing books.

Image: TillyAndTheButtons.com

The brand is a popular go to indie pattern for many in the UK and elsewhere for simple yet effective garments that can be made in the comfort of your own home with little knowledge or equipment.

One of the most popular garments is Stevie Dress and Cleo Pinafore along with many more. The website also has a maternity section, for beginners and pattern extensions for larger sizes or additions to the patterns themselves.

To shop sewing patterns or for more information on Tilly And The Buttons click here.

2. The Fold Line

I love heading to The Fold Line for sewing patterns and inspiration. The sewing patterns are always well thought out, clear and easy to follow and always stylish.

Image: Thefoldline.com

They don’t necessarily follow a fashion but create their own. They always have really simple patterns perfect for new sewers and beginners along with more advanced sewers.

For more information or to shop the sewing patterns at The Fold Line click here.

3. Peppermint Magazine

I discovered Peppermint Magazine online when a friend sent me a link to their site as they had sewing patterns that were free to download. I ran through the pages and picked out a couple to download and make for myself.

Image: Peppermint Magazine/ The Fold Line

You do have to provide an email to enable the download to happen but you can unsubscribe from these later, though you might find some good deals and interesting emails come through about more sewing patterns.

I have made the peplum top that is available on the website for free download. You can easily print the pattern at home and put together. I found the pattern really easy to follow and is comfy to wear.

For more information on Peppermint Magazine and check out the sewing patterns click here.

4. True Bias

True Bias are another really useful and fantastic source wher you can find sewing patterns. Kelli at True Bias is the founder and creator who lives in Denver.

She creates comfortable, stylish and simple sewing patterns to fit a number of figure styles and sizes. I love the variety of sizes to fit any women or man looking to do some home sewing.

Image: Truebias.com

If you are from the UK, you might want to check your measurements against a US size chart to make sure you are buying and creating the correct size.

For more information on True Bias and shop the sewing patterns click here.

5. Sewaholic Patterns

Sewaholic has been a popular source for sewing patterns and I often see them being recommended in sewing groups. The patterns are made to fit a number of sizes and figures and have adaptations to lengthen, let out or take in.

Image: Sewaholic.com

The patterns can be bought in printed format and delivered or you can download them and print at home for a speedy delivery especially when you are in the sewing mood.

The team are based in Vancouver, British Colombia so make sure you check your measurements against a size guide before buying a pattern.

For more information about Sewaholic patterns and to shop their range click here.

6. Paper Theory Patterns

Paper Theory Patterns are made up of a team that work hard to create beautiful and stylish garments. Their main purpose is to create sustainable clothing that is better for the planet and better for us.


I love this theory and principle as I love creating tailoured garments for myself and creating a new wardrobe over shop bought items.

They have a wide variety of patterns so if you fall in love with one, there are a lot more for you to try out. You can find everything from underwear to a cosy jumper and stunning jumpsuit.

For more information on Paper Theory Patterns or to shop the range click here.

7. Closet Core Patterns

Formally known as Closet Case Patterns are a fantastic source for finding good quality sewing patterns. With a whole host of sewing patterns from light jackets, swimming wear and jeans.

Image: ClosetCorePatterns.com

If you are looking to expand your wardrobe and find something new, practical and more importantly fit to your body and requirements this is the place for you.

For more information on Closet Core Patterns and to shop the sewing patterns click here.

8. Sew House Seven

Sew House Seven is another American based pattern company that are creating sewing patterns that are tailoured to people who want to make easy yet stylish clothing at home for themselves.

Image: Sewhouse7.com

They include a number of different styles and make even the most complicated of patterns easy to follow. I also love that they use models from every size and shape and cater to every fit and style of person.

For more information or to shop the patterns at Sew House Seven click here.

9. Friday Pattern Company

Friday Pattern Company create both mens and womens sewing patterns which can be found in PDF format or printed format. Their main aim is to create easy and simple sewing patterns that are joyful to create at home.

Image: Fridaypatterncompany.com

What I like about their website and platform is that you can look for sewing patterns based on the fabric you have to hand. So if you are looking to make something with jersey you can find a pattern that requires that fabric.

For more information or to shop the patterns at Friday Pattern Company click here.

10. Deer and Doe

Deer and Doe sewing patterns are created in and printed in France, they are also printed onto recycled paper to do their part in helping the enviroment.

Image: Deer-and-Doe.com

They also have a difficulty level guide so you can find something to fit your skill set whether you are just starting out or if you are an advances sewer. The patterns are also tested on a whole range of sizes of realistic people so they can ensure the patterns are fit for everyone.

To shop Deer And Doe Sewing patterns or to learn more click here.

11. Ready To Sew

Ready To Sew like many others are aiming to create sustainable clothing that doesn’t just work for you but looks good on you.

Image: ReadyToSew.fr

They create sewing patterns that are meant to replace the ill-fitting store-bought clothes and replace them with stylish and tailored clothing.

To learn more about Ready To Sew or shop their sewing patterns click here.

12. Sew Liberated

Sew Liberated came to light when founder Meg McElwee was spending much of her spare time sewing and pattern drafting. She eventually started creating sewing patterns and selling them on her blog.

Image: SewLiberated.com

It was one of the first indie sewing pattern companies to emerge into the sewing world. You can find a number of sewing patterns from bags to dresses, trousers and blouses on the site.

To learn more about Sew Liberated or to shop the sewing patterns click here.

13. Sew Over It

Lisa Comfort is the creator and owner of Sew Over It and fell in love with sewing at the age of 11. She then created her blog and sewing patterns to help as many people as she could to learn to sew.

The lovely team over at Sew Over It create amazing sewing patterns perfect for anyone and everyone. They have created sewing patterns for men, women and even pets!

Image: SewOverIt.co.uk

There is a whole range of different sewing patterns you can try from trousers, skirts, t-shirts and even maternity. I also love that the site has a range of dropdowns which you can find beginners, mens and 18-30 sizes so you can find what you want easily.

To learn more about Sew Over It and to shop the sewing patterns click here.

14. Grainline Studio

Grainline Studio started as a blog by Jennifer Beeman as a helpful site to help others learn to sew. 2011 was the first sewing pattern created which led them to creating more after high demand from friends.

Image: GrainlineStudio.com

Now on Grainline Studio website you can shop by PDF pattern or printed along with items individually from tops, skirts and trousers and dresses. You can also shop by fabric such as woven and jersey.

The pattern are really simple and easy to follow and create which makes them great for beginners or those looking for a straight forward sewing session.

To learn more about Grainline Studio or to shop the sewing patterns click here.

15. Megan Nielsen

I love the patterns over on Megan Nielsen and find them so stunning, creative and simple. The sewing patterns are created and manufactured in the US so anyone buying in the UK or elsewhere in the world will need to check their measurements against a size chart.

Image: MeganNielsen.com

You can shop by maternity, bundles, children or by garment style. There are a wide range of garments you can find on the website which is great for anyone looking for something new and exciting.

The patterns always look stunning, stylish and beautiful and are ssimple and straightforward to follow.

To learn more about Megan Nielsen and to shop the sewing patterns click here.

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