What Is A Babylock Sewing Machine?

Are you wondering what is a Babylock sewing machine?

While doing research into a new sewing machine you may have come across the brand and name and you aren’t completely sure who they are and what they do.

So what is a Babylock sewing machine? A Babylock sewing machine is a gold standard sewing machine made for people who love to sew. They have machines for quilters, sewers, serging, and embroidery. They also offer accessories, software, tutorials, and a community to help you progress. 

Babylock’s website lists all their sewing machines right when you log on, but this can be a little overwhelming. There are 18 to choose from with varying benefits and features.

Things To Look For When Buying a Babylock Sewing Machine

It’s important to make the right choice when picking a sewing machine; it’s a big investment. Here are some things to consider when making your purchase. 

What function are you looking for?

Different functions require different machines. Some people may be looking to have something quite straight forward and simple.

But if you are wanting to quilt, need a serging stitch, or have plans to embroider you’ll want to check out Babylock’s other machines. 

How quickly do you sew?

A slower sewer will need a different machine than someone who goes pedal to the floor.

If you can, visit a store to test the machine before you buy. This will help you gauge what type of Babylock sewing machine matches your speed best. 

How many built-in stitches do you want?

Built-in stitches are pre-programmed stitches a sewing machine can perform. They can be functional or decorative. A common built-in stitch is a zig-zag stitch. Babylock sewing machines can have anywhere from 10 to 150 different built-in stitches.

There are different levels in which you can buy, from basic stitches to more decorative stitches. A Babylock sewing machine with more built-in stitches would be for you. 

Would you rather have a manual or programmable machine?

It all depends on the projects you want to work on. It might be to do repairs on clothing, make your own clothing, patchwork and quilting or more.

A manual machine is more basic. You adjust the settings with a knob on the side of the machine. A programmable machine, on the other hand, will make very precise stitches and patterns.

You can purchase new patterns online and upload them onto the sewing machine. If you are an advanced sewer or you are working on becoming one, a programmable sewing machine from Babylock may be for you. 

How do you feel about threading needles?

If you have a vision impairment or you just plain hate threading needles, a self-threading machine would be for you. While I agree threading the machine can be very tedious, it may be a factor that pushes the budget over what you expect.

What is your budget?

Consider how much you want to spend on a sewing machine. Babylock sewing machines are sold at retailers. Contact your local retailer to get pricing details. Obviously, the more bells and whistles the more expensive the sewing matching. Babylock has something for everyone. 

After you pick out your Babylock sewing machine, don’t forget about all the resources and updates they offer. Their webinars are very informative and have helped me master new skills.

They also post free projects, listing everything you will need and all the steps. Their inspirational guide has shown me all kinds of new possibilities. They even have information on using your Babylock sewing machine to start a business.

One of the most valuable parts of owning a Babylock sewing machine for me has been all the development I have gotten in return. 

Starting to sew or taking your sewing to the next level can be an intimidating proposition. Especially if you’re trying to do it all by yourself or with YouTube videos.

That’s why it’s so important to go with a company that will support you as you grow. I know that as I grow Babylock will grow with me. When you buy a Babylock sewing machine, you get so much more than a product.

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