What Is A Pressing Cloth & Should You Use One?

Scorching or burning clothes that mean a lot to you sucks. Unfortunately, even the most careful of people still scorch their clothes while ironing. 

So, we asked top fashion designers if it’s possible to prevent ironing accidents. And you know what? It’s possible. The solution is to put a pressing cloth between the iron and the fabric you’re ironing.

This post will tell you what pressing clothes are, when to use one, and how to use them to prevent your clothes from burning the next time you iron them. 

What Is a Pressing Cloth?

A pressing cloth is a piece of fabric you put between the iron and your clothes while ironing to prevent them from getting burnt or scorched. Such kinds of fabric are usually heated tolerant, of reasonable thickness, and transparent.

Essentially, the pressing cloth keeps your clothes free from accidental burns and helps you minimize damages in the event of a severe burn. You may think of it as an umbrella on a rainy day. 

What Is A Pressing Cloth Used For?

Some of the uses of a pressing cloth are:

Protection of your iron

It protects your iron from scratches caused by metallic elements such as zips or design detail. 

Protection of your fabrics

Pressing clothes also safeguard your fabric from possible ironing discolourations.

However, it would help to avoid using a dyed pressing cloth because it might stain your clothes.

Ease of ironing

More than protecting the iron and cloth, pressing clothes also make ironing neater and easier, saving you time and energy. 

Can I Use A Damp Pressing Cloth?

Yes. Depending on your ironing needs, it is possible to use damp or dry pressing clothes.

Generally, most people prefer to use damp pressing clothes on very creased fabrics to straighten them out properly while ironing.

Similarly, damp pressing cloths also come in handy where there is no steam iron as it can be used in conjunction with a regular steam iron to generate steam as you iron. 

Should You Use A Pressing Cloth On All Fabrics?

No, you do not need to use a pressing cloth on all fabric types. As a result, it would be best first to carry out a spot test on the fabric to determine if you should iron it with a pressing cloth or not. 

Spot testing involves ironing a sample or small piece of the fabric. If it starts sticking or getting discoloured during ironing, then it needs a pressing cloth. On the other hand, if it doesn’t get burnt or change its colour, you may not need one. 

Do I Need To Use A Pressing Cloth?

Yes, it is important to use a pressing cloth on fabrics that cannot withstand a lot of heat. Examples of such fabric include silk, scuba, wool, and synthetic fibres. 

Alternatively, you can also use a pressing cloth while ironing clothes mixed with any of the fabrics mentioned above. We say this because it is very common to run into accidents while transitioning from natural to synthetic fabric. 

Apart from the fabrics listed above, you generally do not need to iron with a pressing cloth. However, if there’s a print or graphics on the fabric you’re ironing, you might need to use a pressing cloth just on the print area.

What Type of Fabric Can Be Used as A Pressing Cloth?

The following are suitable fabrics you can use as pressing cloths: 


The best kind of fabric to use as a pressing cloth is cotton.

This is because cotton hardly gets burnt and can withstand a tremendous amount of heat. 

Mesh cloths

You can also use mesh pressing cloths. These are cheaper and transparent. Therefore, it helps you to see all the stains and creases that you would have easily missed if you were using a pressing cloth made of cotton. 

What Can I Use Instead of A Pressing Cloth?

The alternatives to pressing cloth are muslin cloth, parchment paper, or an old pillowcase. This is because the two materials are resistant to heat since they are naturally found in the kitchen.

However, it is safe to use an old pillowcase for your pressing cloth if you cannot get your hands on either of them. Ensure that your pillowcase is made of cotton. It will help if it is also a bit transparent for better ironing.

Can I Wash My Pressing Cloth?

Yes. You can wash your pressing cloth if it is made up of regular fabric like cotton or linen.

Simply wash them like you would any other fabric. However, if you’re using a store-bought pressing cloth, it is best to follow the washing instructions on the pack.

Can I Use Wax Paper as A Pressing Cloth?

No. Wax paper should not be used to substitute for pressing clothes because it does not resist much heat. In addition, the wax paper could melt if you continuously expose it to hot iron.

However, you can make your pressing cloth at home if you do not feel like getting one from the store.

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