What Is the Best Colour for a Sewing Room?

Are you wondering what is the best colour for a sewing room?

The best colours to use in a sewing room are light and airy colours. Colours such as blues and greens are peaceful and calming whereas warm colours such as reds, oranges and pinks are great for rooms that can often feel cold or are large spaces.

Each person has their own taste and style so choosing the best colour for a sewing room can be tricky as it is all about personal preference. Though there are a couple of things you might want to think about before picking a colour and painting.

We will cover the different topics and questions you might have below.

What Colours Are Best?

The choice of colour that you pick for your sewing room goes a long way to influence the way you feel when working on your projects. There is a psychological factor that comes with the colour for your sewing room.

Basically, this means that there are different options you can explore depending on what you want for your working space. If you will want to have a cool and calming environment when sewing, the best options are green and blue.

These are cool colours that will inspire the calming experience you want in your room. It’s also important to take note that green and blue are good choices for small rooms as they make the walls appear as though they are drawing back.

You can also go for warm colours if you want your room to look cozy and bright. Examples that you can opt for include yellow, red, and orange. If your sewing room is large, warm options will do just fine.

If you happen to have had a dull morning and you want to dive into your sewing work in the afternoon, having warm colours in your room will be the best. They are stimulating enough to create an exciting environment for high-level productivity.

Therefore, your choice of the best colour will depend on what you will want to inspire in your sewing room. If it’s calm, then a cool colour will do. On the other hand, if it’s warmth and brightness, then a warm option will be ideal.

White is also a colour option you can go for. If the walls of your sewing room are white, you might need to put your threads and fabric in the open.

This is a great idea because it will add some colour to your room. Having white alone without any other colour might be monotonous and, as a result, you are likely to have a dull experience when working on your sewing projects.

So, it’s a good idea if you spice up your room by putting sewing accessories in the open.

What If The Room Is Also A Bedroom?

If your sewing room is also a bedroom, then it’s best if you settle for cool colours. The bedroom environment doesn’t need overwhelming colours.

The best ones are those that inspire a sense of calm and relaxation. Some of the options you can go for include: green, blue, and soft grey. Blue works very well. It is a classic when it comes to achieving a calming effect in your room. It will help you calm your busy mind.

After working for long hours, having blue on your walls will give you the sense of relaxation that will shed off any amount of stress. It will help you sleep very well.

Since this room doubles as your working area and bedroom, you can only choose a colour that is best fit for both. Once you are through with your sewing hours, you will not find it difficult to catch some sleep since you have the right atmosphere for that.

Does Lighting Matter?

Yes, lighting matters a lot when choosing the best colour for your sewing room. The light can either be natural or artificial. When it comes to natural light, your room will have various effects depending on where it faces.

If it is a north facing room, it is on the darker side. Thus, the best colours to use here are warmth ones instead of cool ones. If your room is a south facing one, it will be receiving enough light for the most part of the day, so it’s best if you have lighter colour tones so as to amplify the natural light.

For west facing rooms, the morning hours work best with warm colours while the afternoon/evening hours work best with cool colours. Therefore, the best thing here is to know at what time you work so as to choose the colour that resonates with natural light.

Lastly, east facing rooms require cool colours during the morning hours while the afternoon works best with warm colours.

In the case of artificial light, different types will require you to settle for specific colours. Here are the different types of artificial light and the best colours for each of them.

Fluorescent lighting-Works well with cool colours like green and blueHalogen lighting- works well with both warn and cool coloursIncandescent lighting- Warm colours like red and orange.

I hope you have found this helpful in choosing a colour for your sewing room and helped you decide what would work well and what would look good.

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